How to Make a Headboard Quieter? (5 Ways)

How to Make a Headboard Quieter (5 Ways)

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A loud headboard can sometimes be annoying especially if it is waking you or others up in the household during the night. A loud headboard is a common problem for many people. Luckily there are many ways to solve a loud headboard.

There are multiple ways to make a loud headboard quieter. There are some quick fixes that will temporarily make the headboard quieter like commercial wax or paraffin. There are also items you can purchase on Amazon that are specifically made to help headboards be much quieter.

Depending on what kind of sound your headboard is making, there are different ways to make each sound a little quieter. Here are the top 5 ways to get your loud headboard to be much quieter.

5. Tighten any Loose Hardware

Most headboards you have to put together yourself and sometimes there can be a forgotten nut or bolt that doesn’t get tightened enough. If you have had the headboard for a long period of time, naturally as you continue to use your bed, the hardware can begin to loosen.

This can be a very easy fix that takes no time at all. The hardest part will be finding all that hardware within the headboard.

All you have to do is pull your bed away from the wall and locate all screws, nuts, or bolts. A screwdriver or wrench can work, but you may need more support if the screws are old.

The best way to secure those old screws is by adding an adhesive that will help those threads be stronger. You can find this adhesive at a local hardware store or on Amazon by clicking here. Remember to add a washer to make sure those screws are extra secure and don’t be afraid to drill more holes if needed for extra support.

If you happen to be missing a screw, nut, or bolt, you can find a box of them at your local hardware store or on Amazon. Click here to buy your hardware online.

4. Products That Were Made for a Noisy Headboard

How to Make a Headboard Quieter (5 Ways)

This is a surprisingly common issue among many people. Due to this common problem, there are actually quite a few products on the market that were made to stop the headboard from banging against the wall. Some of these products you may have to screw into the headboard, but others you can simply just stick on the headboard.

I have personally used a couple of these products myself and there are two that I recommend buying from Amazon.

The first one is one that attaches to both the headboard and the wall just by sticking it on. This product is very simple and very easy to use and works very well. Click here to look at the product on Amazon.

The other product I would recommend from Amazon is anti-vibration pads that stick to your headboard. The only issue I have with these is that they stop the sound of the headboard banging against the wall, but they do not stop the movement of the headboard.

If you’re looking to stop the movement of the headboard, I would go with the other product. Click here to look at the product on Amazon.

3. DIY Headboard Stoppers

I am all about saving money, and when looking at some of these products, they may seem expensive for what they are. One thing that I have seen done to help stop headboards from banging against the wall is using felt furniture pads.

Similar to the anti-vibration pads, they will not stop the movement of your headboard, but they will significantly decrease the sound of your headboard against the wall. The best part is, they are half the price! Click here to find furniture pads on Amazon.

The other thing that I have seen used to reduce the noise of a headboard banging against the wall is foam. You may already have foam pads around your home. All you have to do is cut them to the desired size and place them on your headboard with some sort of adhesive.

The other thing you can use for foam is a pool noodle. You can either cut the pool noodle to your desired size or you can place the pool noodle across the entire top of your headboard.

If you want to purchase foam on Amazon, click here. If you want to purchase a pool noodle from Amazon, click here.

Anything that is soft and can stick to the back of the headboard can work. If you have a household item that you think will work, try it! There are endless ways to solve a noisy headboard and can be easy to DIY.

How to Make a Headboard Quieter (5 Ways)

2. Fixes for a Noisy, Wobbly Headboard

I think we all have a piece of furniture in our household that is wobbly and never sits right. Luckily, this is an easy fix. This is another one where felt furniture pads will fix the issue.

If one side needs a little more height to balance the headboard, you can add a felt pad to the one side. Another thing felt pads are great for is preventing your flooring from getting scratched.

Felt is a bit more moveable and can slide at times, so if you’re looking for your bed to be more stable and stay in its place but want something similar to felt pads, you can get rubber furniture pads instead.

I find that rubber is much more stable and is great for furniture that you don’t plan on moving around a lot. Click here to find rubber furniture pads on Amazon.

1. If All Else Fails

If none of these things seems to work, it may be time to either get rid of your headboard completely or purchase a new one. Older headboards, just like any other furniture you may own in your home, can wear and get old.

If you’re looking to purchase a new headboard you can go to your local furniture store or purchase a new headboard on Amazon by clicking here.

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