How to Reduce Fan Noise When Streaming?

How to Reduce Fan Noise When Streaming

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When on a computer, laptop, Xbox, PlayStation, and other streaming devices, they can get hot while you use them, so the internal fan spins and can great a loud noise. How can you prevent that?

To reduce fan noise when streaming, keeping streaming devices out in the open and not covered helps. Exterior fans help to keep these devices cool without making as much noise as the internal fan, so getting one to keep next to the device helps keep it cool before, during, and after streaming.

There are things you can do like get a fan, but if you are streaming yourself then there are also different microphones and soundproofing gear to look into!

Choosing the Right Mic

There are many mics you can get online, but not all are created equal. Some are made specifically to pick up all noise around you, and others are made specifically to catch vocals only, with no background noise. If you are streaming yourself to viewers on a platform, you will want a microphone that only captures your voice. So, how can you find that?

Well, there are many options on Amazon. If you like the mic to be on an arm, extending towards you so that you can adjust as you’d like, you should look into a MAONO mic. It comes with a pop shield, along with a mic foam cover that can be taken on and off.

Another option similar to this is the NAHWONG mic. It also has a pop shield and foam mic cover. It also comes with an extendable arm that you can position to your liking.

Other mics have to be on top of the desk, which keeps you from using the computer’s keyboard or mouse. So, having a mic that stands on its own not only feels cool and fun to have, but it is also practical.

You can also get the TONOR mic that stands on a tabletop or desk or a Mercase mic that also stands on a desk. The TONOR mic comes with a pop shield, but not a foam cover. Whereas the Mease mic comes with a foam cover but not a pop shield.

Whichever mic you get, you can simply buy the product it does not have separately. These products dampen outside noise and can help you stream, film, and record yourself without worrying about the noise from the fan reaching the mic.

Soundproofing the Room

You can also soundproof where you are streaming from to make the sound a lot clearer. If you are in a room that doesn’t get outside noise, you don’t need to worry about it. But, you can look into foam bards if your room seems noisy.

You can set up your whole room to be noise-proof by getting a 24-pack of wedge studio foam, or you can get a 12-pack of soundproof foam panels. You can get however much you need of these packs, but if you just need something for your mic to make it pick up less noise, you can get a microphone isolation shield.

This may not work for your setup, but it can be a great tool for when you are streaming, or if you are making a video and need to overlay the video with audio such as narration.

Relocating the gaming console to be a bit further from the mic can also help. You can also place it behind a wall of noise-proof foam and have a fan on it. Then, you can keep the console cooled down while also having it far away enough from the mic.

Plus, the foam can block a lot of that noise, which will work great for streaming. If you need to set up the console to be further from you, getting an extension cord will be necessary.

Getting An External Fan

How to Reduce Fan Noise When Streaming?

If you are streaming yourself playing a game on a laptop, desktop, or gaming console, you will have the internal fan go off. The fan is loud, and if you don’t want it to go off, you need another way to keep your device cool. Well, a fan is really the only way to do that, so the question is: which types of fans are best?

For Laptop

A laptop should stay off your lap, as your body heat will make it heat up faster. Instead, get a cooling pad. It holds the laptop on top of the desk and has its own fan to keep the laptop cool. You can also get a clip-on desk fan that is able to clip onto the desk or something else nearby while facing the laptop.

For Desktop

If you are using a desktop computer that has a separate console, you can get a tripod fan. It is great because it can be manipulated in different ways to be placed precisely where you need it. You can also get a desk fan with a tall neck, which is perfect for adjusting to just the right height. You could even place it on the ground and have it get tall enough to reach your computer.

For Gaming Console

There are many ways to cool off a gaming console. You can first try to make the console horizontal or verticle and see which is better. PlayStation has informed owners that you can switch which side it is resting on, but on the PS4 there is a vent on one of the verticle sides, making it hard to place it that way because the air can have a hard time getting out.

So, depending on what gaming console you use, you can figure out a way to place it that allows the vents to be free to breathe. You should also clean the vents regularly to prevent dust from building up.

You can also get a PS4 cooling fan that attaches to the PlayStation to add extra help in cooling it off. There is also a portable desk fan that can be placed next to the console which helps to cool it off quietly. And, if you have a standing fan in your home, you can use it to keep the device cool. Sometimes using what you have is a good option!

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