Why Is Your Fridge so Noisy? How to Make It Quieter?




Why Is Your Fridge so Noisy How to Make It Quieter

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Noisy appliances can quickly turn from a slight annoyance to a constant aggravation that may have you at your wit’s end. If your refrigerator is making too much noise, you might not only be annoyed by it but also concerned if your fridge is in need of repair.

A refrigerator naturally makes noise when functioning, but some fridges are louder than others due to needed repairs, ice makers, an unlevel surface, or even the contents kept inside the refrigerator. While some solutions may require a handyman, homeowners can prevent some noise themselves.

If your fridge is making an unknown noise, and you want to make it quieter, then keep reading. We’ll discuss various problems that may be causing your fridge to make noises as well as solutions you can do to manage the noise and create a more peaceful environment in your home.

Ice Maker

Many factors can go into how loud your refrigerator is when it runs. Let’s break them up into different components and discuss how they might be making your fridge noisy as well as how to fix them.

One of the most common reasons that a fridge is noisy is a result of the automatic ice maker. Even if it isn’t broken and in need of repairs, an ice maker is loud. Ice makers make noises from small hisses to crashes and clicks.

These come from the process of making the ice. Hisses are made when air escapes the freezing cubes, and clicks or crashes are made when newly formed ice is added into the bin.

The simplest solution to this problem is to turn off the automatic ice maker. If you are bothered by the noise but still want ice, you can buy an ice cube tray. These are fun because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that makes the kind of ice you like best.

If you like round and square ice, you can even get one that makes multiple types of ice like this one from Mod and Main on Amazon. It’s a bit more work to make your own ice, but much quieter!

Why Is Your Fridge so Noisy How to Make It Quieter

Water Line

The water line in your fridge connects the ice maker to a water source. A loose water line can cause some noise while your fridge runs. If it is too loose, it can also cause a leak, which can damage your fridge and floors.

The solution to this problem is to tighten or replace the water line. You can call in a repairman to fix the water line for you, or you can do it yourself. To do that, you will need to purchase the right supplies.

You can find a replacement kit with all the supplies you will need, like this one, on Amazon, just make sure that you select the right length of tubing for your fridge.

After you have the right supplies, and before you begin to repair the water line, turn off the water intake valve.

Following that, you will need to assemble the line and connectors, following the instructions that come with a kit. Next, you cut the bad part of the tubing away and replace it with the new tubing. When you have finished, you can turn the water back on.


A malfunctioning fan in your fridge can make an annoying clanking sound as well as negatively affect the ability of your fridge to stay cool.

If your evaporation fan is dirty, it may just need to be cleaned and wiped down to make it function properly again. However, if it is blocked by debris or a bent piece, it will need to be removed.

Once removed, you can also get rid of the debris. If there is a broken piece in the fan making a clunking noise, I would recommend hiring a handyman to replace it.


If it is your compressor that is causing the noise, then you might have a bigger problem on your hands. The compressor circulates the refrigerant through the refrigerator, similar to how your heart circulates blood through your body.

If your compressor is making a lot of noise, then something is wrong and needs to be addressed quickly.

If you hear a loud clanking or banging noise coming from your fridge, it is most likely a sign of a faulty compressor. It is one of the most expensive fridge components to replace, costing between $250 to $650 including labor costs, and should be replaced by a professional.

Why Is Your Fridge so Noisy How to Make It Quieter


Having your fridge be out of alignment is another common problem that makes your fridge run more loudly. Oftentimes, the legs aren’t level, which causes a buzzing noise.

If you hear that buzz but it’s not the legs that aren’t level, it could be your doors. If your door isn’t properly aligned, it can create that same noise.

This is an easy fix; you can just pull the fridge and level out the legs. In addition to leveling the fridge, you can also put the legs on pads like these ones. The pads can help level the fridge and reduce noise caused by normal vibration.


Dirty vents or half-frozen areas in your fridge and freezer can also make your fridge noisier. The ice gets stuck in parts of your fridge and doesn’t allow it to run as it should, resulting in the air blowing more loudly or random clunking noises.

This buildup of ice can be caused by dirty vents, so to avoid that, you will need to clean the vents regularly as well as not allow dust to buildup underneath your refrigerator.

Another reason for poor ventilation that results in the build-up of ice in the fridge is that it doesn’t have enough ventilation. You can fix that by making sure your fridge is far enough away from the wall that it can “breathe.”

Another tip for making sure your fridge cools properly is to keep jugs of water in it. The jugs of water act as a natural insulator that make it easier for the fridge to maintain the correct temperature.

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